Brussels 2016

For 2 hours on April 2 (just 10 days after the attack) I cautiously stuck myself in the middle of the chaos within Brussels. Most amazing experience. 

"FACISTE! FACISTE!" We made our way to the Place de la Bourse (central to most protests or "manifestations" and the clash between left-wing demonstrators and Neo-Nazi activists last week). I've never had an environment's energy creep into my bones as it did today. The man pictured below cried "FACISTE!" At the police forces as they dragged demonstrators away. Sometimes easily and sometimes by terrifying force. This weekend, the mayor of Brussels declared no manifestations were to be allowed due to the high tensions in the city. Shortly after these arrests, a bus was brought in to haul off 30 protestors, all arrested at once and forced off the steps of the square. I shocked myself, crying when all the actions played out in a story I finally understood: all voices are being silenced in a time of grieving. A time when speech is needed most. And I felt what the citizens of Belgium are living every day. I'm so thankful we're to see this."