Kit Design

Kit Design is fun

Mettle Cycling Road 2017

Working with Eliel, I was able to negotiate an off-template type of set up to get a bit more comfort and polish to this year's kit. Less sublimation in the bibs meant full compression and durable lycra while a simple design was accented by patches on the jersey instead of sublimated logos.

Mettle Cycling Cyclocross 2017

Eliel took the service to another level when they agreed to build us a skin suit with pre-dyed lycra on the bottom. While their Cyclocross kit has a more durable sublimated top, their bib material is much stronger and more comfortable for a discipline that requires those characteristics. They sent the cut panels prior to construction so that Sean Light at High Order and I could screen print custom pantone mixed plastisol ink for the leg graphics.

Mettle Cycling Road 2016

The first team kit of Mettle was a long shot but made a bit of a visual splash in the groups of Oregon road racing. Cuore constructed these for us. While the colors came out as intended, the fit could have been adjusted a bit.

Mettle Cycling Cyclocross 2016

Cuore's 2-in-1 skin suit was this season's template. Short sleeve and matching arm warmers gave options but the sublimated bottoms did not hold up well. This would serve next year's priority to build a skin suit from pre-dyed lycra for some better comfort and durability.

Team Lost Highway - Road/CX 2015